Dog in a maskHi everyone - I hope you're all well, staying healthy and safe. 

 I'm happy to report that, with the current relaxation of lock-down restrictions, Peak Community Vet is now available for routine veterinary care (Whoop Whoop!).

The last few months I've been following government and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons guidelines, performing only those procedures absolutely necessary for the continued welfare of our pets. I realise it's been extremely hard and I appreciate your patience. I will, of course, continue to follow government mandated distancing protocols, as my concern is still primarily for the safety of both you and your pets. 

This means I'm now available to come to your home for medical exams, as well as vaccinations (including puppies and kittens), nail trims and other ancillaries you may require. I have also begun scheduling routine surgical work, which includes neutering, dentistry, lump removals and other procedures requiring general anaesthetic.

End of life care will continue to be undertaken with the greatest concern for your pets welfare and comfort, while keeping you safe. In cases where you wish to be with your pet in those final moments, this can be accomplished in a safe way that allows us to observe social distancing guidelines. This is a hard period we're in, but it's also a time for compassion and care. 

Because your safety remains at the forefront, telephone consultations will still be the preferred first call in cases where appropriate. This is especially important for those homes where vulnerable family members are shielding or in self isolation. As before, if after the telephone consultation I have questions or concerns, I will absolutely come to your home - again social distancing will be followed. In these cases there will be no additional consultation cost, though the standard travel charges will apply, as well as any treatment and diagnostics as indicated. 

Again, thanks everyone for being so patient and understanding. It's been a roller-coaster and we're all doing what we can to remain safe on our way back to a sustainable normality. Continue taking care of each other.

Kind regards